About Me

Director | Creative Director | Storyteller 
My career path has definitely been the scenic route.  Rather than being rocketed to overnight stardom in my early twenties, which I imagined would happen, I have instead been given the great opportunity to work in almost every part of the Television and Film industry.  As a production assistant on Feature Films and episodic shows like HBO's The Wire, I learned the value of hard work and the magic of the movies.  As an art assistant, location scout, production coordinator, production manager and producer I cut my teeth on a range of formats - from reality TV to nature documentaries to high end commercial content.
Now I direct co-branded content for Viacom Velocity working with major brands who partner with our channels.  I am always on the look out for opportunities to tell good stories and haven't given up hope that my rocketship to overnight stardom is just around the corner.
I live in Maplewood, NJ with my talented, handsome husband and our delightful twin toddlers. 
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